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Off-site activities

Exploring the island

From beaches to waterfalls, and an abundance of swaying coconut palms, Koh Samui’s natural beauty is hard to dismiss. Exploring the island is best driven in private car as more can be seen and time is at your pace. Don’t miss breath-taking viewpoints around the island where the views of Gulf of Siam can be captured perfectly both on eye and camera. Lad Koh (Zenith) Viewpoint, Na Mueang Waterfall, or The Big Buddha are examples to these must-see areas, to name a few.


For guests wanting to spend time by the beach, our location near Na Pralan or Maenam Beach offers a quiet curve of white sand and azure waters. The serene ambiance along the two beaches is ideal for picnic lunches and a dip in the water. Complimentary shuttle to Na Pralan Beach is provided, along with beach towels, beach mat and toy set for kids. You may also request lunch picnic, and additional amenities through the resort.

Exploring the Gulf of Thailand

Embark on an even further route exploring the rich waters of the Gulf of Thailand and nearby small islands on a speed boat, with a cruise charter, or on a yacht. By request, the resort can also provide lunch or light snacks to enjoy in your comfort.

ATV rides

Active guests can experience the exhilarating side to tropical holiday with fun rides on the ATV. Drive and explore lush vegetation and the coconut-filled jungle at your command.

Local markets

Visit and explore the easy pace of the local markets and browse for fresh produce and seafood that will satisfy your taste buds. Guests are welcome to bring back with them market items to the resort, and we will gladly combine our culinary art with your produce and have it cooked as desired.

Muay Thai

Thai kick-boxing, a national sport of Thailand and one of the world’s most renowned martial arts, is another outstanding sight Koh Samui offer. Visit the Chaweng Stadium, where major Muay Thai events and exhilarating matches feature duels between champions from different regions around the world. The stadium offer different prices based on seating positions.


Koh Samui not only offer blissful retreat in amid coconut forests and on fine beaches, but is also scattered with the mystics of Buddhist temples. Discover from the infamous Big Buddha to quaint temples across the island, enriched with cultural and meditative identity.

Santiburi Samui Country Club

Take advantage of the island’s tropical beauty and golfing-with-a-view experience at this par-72 golf course. Featuring 18-hole and 9-hole courses set on a hillside landscape lined with numerous coconut palms, the Santiburi Samui Country Club has been recognised as an essential stop on the PGA Asian Tour for many years and one of the most beautiful courses in Asia. Take a few rounds from high above and test your swings with the view of Maenam Bay in the background. Booking is recommended.

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